Strategic Planning Workshop

The Growth Planning System

Create a 90-day plan that maximizes your biggest opportunity for growth so you can scale to 7-figures in 2023

You don’t have to choose between achieving your goals & enjoying your free time because I’m going to teach you how to find hidden money in your business without investing more of your time or money.

Most Business Owners In Growth Mode are Leaving Money on the Table Without Even Realizing It

And I can guarantee it’s because they’re focused on the wrong things or trying to do too much.

By the time you reach $500k in annual revenue, you have enough data to easily identify simple, small actions that will increase your revenue pretty quickly without creating new offers or investing in a larger team–you just need to know what to look for.

In The Growth Planning System Workshop, I’m going to teach you exactly how I help my clients increase their revenue by at least 20% in 90 days without babysitting their business

The best part? You can actually start to take time off and not return to an inbox full of overdue invoices & unanswered leads who have lost interest because your business will be set up to manage money-making tasks, even in your absence.

So tell me…is it worth a few hours out of your day to learn how to maximize & systemize your growth with a 90-day plan so you can start doing less better & creating the flexibility to take time off without bottlenecking your business?

Create a 90-day plan to optimize your revenue systems

Here’s what you’ll learn in The Growth Planning System Workshop:

Identify Your Growth Opportunity

We’ll brainstorm through 7 key areas of your business to identify what you need to prioritize to maximize your revenue

Create Your 90-Day Action Plan

We’ll develop a realistic plan to finally make measurable progress towards your goals

Set Up Your Systems for Sustainability

We’ll create the systems you need to keep you focused on the right things at the right time

Hey, I’m Kerystyn!

I help expert coaches, consultants & thought-leaders identify their biggest opportunity for growth so they can scale to $1m in annual revenue without babysitting their business

My two biggest strengths (according to Clifton Strength Finders) are discipline & futuristic. This means I know how to see the whole forest & the trees. 

I understand you, the visionary, because I am one too. I’m also someone who thrives in creating structure & systems.

So I know how to create the strategy & systems that support your vision & honors your capacity. Systems that give you the space to flow & the foundation to expand.

It’s a common belief that structure will stifle creativity & I’ve learned that not only can it be both, it has to be.

Join me for this strategic planning event to learn how to create & implement systems that will help you achieve optimize your revenue systems without cutting into your free-time.


Join The Growth Planning System Workshop

Workshop Only

$ 497 in Full
  • 4-Hour Strategic Planning Workshop
  • Black Friday Bonus: The Ops Essential Toolkit

Workshop + 90 Days of Support

$ 997 3 monthly payments
  • Everything from the workshop plus:
  • Weekly Co-Working Sessions to Work the Plan
  • Slack Community to Stay Accountable

Workshop + 90 Days of Support + 1:1 Session

$ 2500 in full
  • Everything from the monthly payment plan plus:
  • (1) 45-min 1:1 session for personalized feedback