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Create automated systems, repeatable processes & growth-focused strategies so you can run your business with more ease, more efficiency, and less effort.

You need to stop doing all the things

Because as it stands now, doing a little bit of everything is causing you to complete a whopping nothing.

At the end of the day, you’re exhausted with no real progress to show for it.

Even though you’re working all the time, you never feel on top of things and you’re not seeing any real progress.

You’re a little scared to let go, but you know something needs to come off your plate so you have time to focus…

& double-down on the right things

so you can surpass this level of growth without sacrificing more of your time.

When you partner with Simplified Operations, we’ll define what freedom means to you and create a strategic roadmap to get you there.

You’ll always know what your next best move is and exactly how it ties into your biggest goals.

you started your business to have more freedom

But right now, your business is dictating all of your time.

Seriously, when is the last time you took a walk, spent quality time with friends and family, or watched a movie without “quickly” checking in to make sure your business isn’t on fire?

You’ve heard the saying, “new levels, new devils,” and my friend, you’ve reached the next level. And this level requires better systems to scale.

I have actual tangibles to work towards which is HUGE for a creative like myself

Before our Strategic Mapping Session I was struggling for direction and clarity. I get so many creative ideas and it starts to overwhelm me. Having it all flushed out and prioritizing what needs to happen first, second, and third is EVERYTHING. This time together inspired me to flush out my group coaching program & really helped build a foundation to my business.



During this session we’ll work together to:

  • Define or refine your mission, vision, and values so we can create a plan that supports your dreamiest goals and feels true to you 
  • Brainstorm through 7 key areas of your business to identify what you need to prioritize to start closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Develop a realistic action plan to finally make noticeable, measurable progress towards your goals –without working ridiculously long days, without changing your entire business model, and without creating a clone of yourself (although that would still be kinda nice). 
  • Create a year-long strategy that keeps you focused on the right things, at the right time so you never have to ask yourself, “But where do I begin?”

What’s included:

(2) 2-Hour Strategic Planning Sessions

so we can identify the goals and milestones you want to achieve and map out the next year of your business.

A Year-Long Strategic Growth Plan

so you know exactly what you should be focused on each quarter to hit those big milestones without the burnout

A 90-Day Strategic Action Overview

so you understand what steps you can take to make immediate progress & what data to look at to measure success


During this 6-month commitment you’ll have:

  • a systems + operations expert (that’s me!) in your back pocket for strategic guidance on simplifying and scaling your business.
  • Accountability in setting and hitting your strategic goals
  • Support in identifying what the business needs to move out of reactionary mode.
  • Strategic planning sessions to prioritize the projects that will generate the best ROI

What’s included:

Unlimited Voxer Access

so you can get quick support, share wins, and address any roadblocks, to keep you on track daily

Bi-Weekly 1:1 Sessions

so we can dive deeper into your strategy, review data to make informed decisions, and ensure you make continued progress towards your goals

The Ops Essentials Toolkit

an exclusive bundle of templates for project planning, SOPs, Job descriptions, and more so you have everything you need implement your strategy

Pssst… looking for implementation services? Our full-service operations management retainer is booked through the end of 2022, but you can get in touch with me here to discuss options for a custom, one-time system setup. This could include creating or restructuring your client experience, setting up a project management system, or developing SOPs or project plans.

I feel more prepared and confident in my ability to move forward

The Strategic Mapping Session helped me take everything I had in my head & put it to paper in a way that made sense and was doable and actionable. It helped me consider things that weren’t even on my radar. I think this is a necessary step that all business owners should take.


How it works

book a clarity call

Schedule a free consult to identify the best next steps for you to take to scale your business

choose your adventure

If I believe you’d benefit from my services, I’ll talk to you about the ways I can support you & you can choose the best fit for you.

operate with ease

We’ll partner together to filter through the ideas you have and create a plan that’s true to you and keeps your personal & business goals top of mind.

I have clarity around what I need to do to get the needle moving

The most helpful part of Strategic Mapping was being able to brain dump all the ideas I have in my head to help grow my business. Our session made me realize I need to take visibility more seriously. It was helpful thinking through the many ways I can approach this & I know this will help me be more productive.